January 22-26 is SHARE WEEK! Everyday at the different schools we will be celebrating the great arts learning that all of your children have been doing. Join us for the performances, gallery showings and more! (Check on site at the schools for more specific information and locations)

PS 40 – Everyday at 4:00pm

The Neighborhood School – starts Friday, Jan. 19 at 4:45pm, Everyday at 4:45pm

PS 183 – Everyday at 4:30pm

PS 748 – Everyday at 4:30pm

Anderson – Everyday at 4:30pm

YCS (PS 151) –  Everyday at 4:45pm

PS 267 – Everyday at 4:30pm except Thursday at 4:15pm

PS 303 –  Mon-Thurs at 4:00pm, Friday at 3:30pm

PS 527 – Everyday at 4:15pm

BSI/TAOTS – Everyday at 4:15pm

BASES/Exceed – Everyday at 4:45pm (in the classrooms)

PS 281 – Everyday at 4:30pm

PS 340 – Mon-Thurs at 4:15pm, Fri at 4pm with Karate at 4:25pm

PS 130 – Everyday at 4:30pm

PS 110 – Everyday at 4:15pm

PS 516 – Mon-Thurs at 4:30pm, Friday at 4pm

We hope to see you all for SHARE WEEK at Club Wingspan!