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We are thrilled to announce that Wingspan is the recipient of a New York State Council on the Arts grant again! This award supports our fantastic Summer Conservatory program which is free for middle and high school students.

Our Conservatory program is also supported in part by a three-year grant from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. This grant supports not only our summer programming, but also our year-round arts education programs. Click the NY Culture logo for more information  about the Department of Cultural Affairs.


Wingspan Arts Whistleblower Policy

Wingspan Arts Whistleblower Policy – Updated 11/2016

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Our 10th Anniversary Edition!

Wingspan Arts 2010 Annual Report

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“Wingspan Arts is an organization that lives up to its name by encouraging young people to spread their wings through creative endeavors.”


Magical moments happen with exposure to Wingspan Arts!

In the land of labels my son has a learning “difference,” he squirms at the notion of being asked to spell or write anything and yet the other night he composed a sentence out of Legos. He was unfazed at my excitement because to him it just made sense and is related to his after-school crew at Wingspan Arts’ Lego Maniacs as well as time spent with a support team who cares. Last night he drew a picture of atoms and molecules swirling and proudly stated he learned about it from his Wingspan Art of Science class! He is 6 and very much struggling with his place in school in lieu of dyslexia. These moments of inspiration and joy when he comes home are very much a lesson to me and I am grateful to Wingspan and the teaching artists!

— Kiva Dawson, Afterschool Parent

The one thing that impressed me most about Wingspan Arts is that in a short amount of time, they have a great impact on children. For me, working with Wingspan has been a great experience; I feel I am actually accomplishing something.

— Lynn Marlowe, Teaching Artist

We enjoy working with Wingspan because of the enthusiasm and creativity they bring to our programs. We have witnessed students blossom into stars when given the chance to show their artistic talents. This success and recognition trickles over into their schoolwork and their academic performance usually improves.

— Judith Martin Pandolfo, Ph.D., Principal, Trinity Elementary School

When I heard about Wingspan Players, I immediately changed my summer plans.

— M.R. Middle School student

The talented and dedicated Wingspan staff has provided [our child] with a warm, creative nurturing environment. Your teachers are outstanding! My son really looks forward to the days when he has “afterschool”.

— P.M., Afterschool Program parent

Thank you so much for the great work you and your colleagues at Wingspan have been doing for the kids in New York City public schools. I am so grateful for the opportunity my children had to participate in the program at the Lower Lab School, PS-77. They learned so much about acting and theater as well as getting some great positive reinforcement and a bolster to their self-esteem!

— In-School parent (Lower Lab School)

Wingspan Arts changed my life, and I’m not exaggerating. All the shows I have participated in have been amazing. I’ve learned so much from teachers, and made so many friends along the way!

— Jazz Adam, Wingspan Conservatory Student

Wingspan has been such an important part of my daughter’s life. It is as fun as it is challenging—and you can see the pride on all the kids faces when they get to performance nights.

— Wingspan Players parent

Our daughter has truly enjoyed her time with you and all the different activities at Wingspan Arts offered. We found the after-school program to be an enriching one both from an educational as well as a social standpoint. It also offered plenty of opportunities for healthy, fun experiences and physical exercise. All the staff has consistently demonstrated to be competent, professional and caring individuals and we have only praise and thanks to offer for their hard work and dedication. We always felt we were leaving our daughter in safe hands, and that she was happy to spend time with you and all her friends attending the program.

— Afterschool Program parents

Ever since I’ve joined Wingspan, I’ve felt I have performed the impossible!

— Patrick O’Neill, Wingspan Conservatory Student

Wingspan Arts is an organization that lives up to its name by encouraging young people to spread their wings through creative endeavors.

— The New York Times

I’ve never meshed with a group so quickly or felt so comfortable in my entire life. It was so easy to be myself and not worry what everyone else would think.

— Erin Clarke, Wingspan Conservatory Student