Our Mission & Values


Wingspan Arts aims to enrich the lives of young people in and around New York City through multi-disciplinary arts education programs both in and out of the classroom.

Since its founding in 2001, thousands of children across the New York Metro Region have benefited from Wingspan Arts customized programs. By partnering with professional artist-educators who bring their creative experiences and personalized lessons to the classroom, Wingspan has transformed the traditional teacher-student paradigm into an authenticity-driven, community-based learning environment. Through afterschool, in-school, and theatre conservatory programs, Wingspan students are empowered both as individuals and as stewards of the expanding arts community.

All students have creative promise, however many may not have means to access the arts. For these families, Wingspan offers tuition-free opportunities, a scholarship program, and public events as part of our commitment to reaching as many young people as possible.




Wingspan Arts celebrates Authenticity by partnering with professional artist educators, many of whom are leaders in their artistic fields. By bringing their authentic voices to the classroom, Wingspan students see and experience the transformation arts can have on individuals.


We demonstrate the value of commitment by creating accessible pathways to artistic experiences. By means of our scholarship program, tuition-free opportunities, and public events, Wingspan commits to reaching as many young people as possible.


As a community-based organization, Wingspan cultivates a warm and nurturing learning environment for all community members. We value opportunities to showcase student growth, celebrate artist success, and collaborate with school leaders and families.


Whether on the stage or in the classroom, Wingspan encourages our artists and students alike to take risks, be brave, and trust themselves.


The creative use of the imagination is imperative in building a strong personal foundation. Wingspan fosters the growth of students, teachers, and artists by providing an outlet to engage the creative mind.


As the arts landscape in New York City is ever changing, Wingspan continually reflects on best education practices, the needs of our school and program communities, and opportunities for growth and learning.

Wingspan Arts is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation.