Summer Conservatory Wish List

Sponsor items on the Summer Conservatory Wish List to support young artists!

$25 Level

1 Costume for 1 Student


Sponsor the building or purchasing of a costume for 1 student. Costumes help our audience follow the story, and students are always so excited to really become their character. Your support will brighten their theatre experience this summer!


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Snacks for 3 Students


Who doesn’t love a delicious snack? Our students work really hard all summer, and you can help them relax by sponsoring snacks for up to 3 students. The students will stay nourished with your support, and who doesn’t love Goldfish, Pretzels, or Pirate’s Booty?


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$75 Level

1 Class Session


Sponsor 1 class session this summer! Funds donated for a class session will support the Teaching Artist’s fee and also support the class budget. Many Teaching Artists want to bring quality resources to our students, and you can help by sponsoring a class!


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1 Hour of Rehearsal


Sponsor 1 hour of rehearsal for any production. Funds donated for a rehearsal will support the permit fees for access to the theatre and dance studio.  These funds also support the use of equipment and technology during the rehearsal process. 


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$125 Level

Props for 1 Production


Wingspan Arts’ tech theatre class build props for all 3 productions. Puppets, wedding cakes, smaller set dressings – you name it! You can sponsor the props for 1 production with a donation today. With your support, our shows will be visually stunning and innovative!


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Technical Supplies for All Productions


All Wingspan Arts productions require a variety of technical elements. Lighting gels, gaff tape, spike tape, and more. Support our productions by sponsoring the technical supplies for the productions. You will make our Stage Managers very happy!


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$250 Level

Costumes for 1 Production


Sponsor the costumes for 1 full-scale production. Many of our students play multiple characters in a show, so the costumes are necessary to help move the story along clearly. Your support will unify the ensemble of the show to all cohesively blend into the world they create!


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1 Full Rehearsal Session


All rehearsals are 4 hours long and take a good amount of time and energy from our students. To help support the permit fees for the high-quality theatre and dance studio, you can sponsor a full rehearsal session today! 


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Other Levels

Wingspan Arts will happily accept donations of any level. Some levels not included in the above wish list are:

  • $300 – Script Royalties for WE Play
  • $500 – One Day of a Space Permit
  • $1000 – A professional Lighting Designer for all 3 productions
  • $2500 – One Week of a Space Permit


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