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Wingspan Arts aims to create a safe, fun, and enriching afterschool experience for elementary-aged students by offering multi-disciplinary arts classes taught by professional artist educators.

Club Wingspan is a semester-based program offering 90-minute enrichment classes with an emphasis on the core four artistic disciplines – Visual Art, Drama, Music, and Dance. Each Wingspan Arts class works toward a final presentation, performance or exhibition that represents the skills students acquire and master throughout the semester. At the end of each school year, Wingspan hosts a culminating community event to showcase every student’s talent, creativity and hard work.

Currently, Club Wingspan contracts with more than 200 Teaching Artists, serving over 1,800 students at 15 schools.

What is Club Wingspan?

Club Wingspan is an on-site afterschool program at your school! We offer arts enrichment classes for students following the DOE calendar, and our programs run until 6pm. Wingspan Arts is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and our programs are fully-insured.

The Club Wingspan afterschool model has been developed and refined over the years, and although programs may look similar on the outside, they are tailored specifically to each school community. This model owes its success to our Site Directors and Assistants who facilitate daily program management, and our roster of talented Teaching Artists, who are able to focus on the arts instruction that they do best. Club Wingspan allows all students a chance to broaden their arts learning, and with classes like Rock Band, Mini Musical, Art Studio, and Actor's Toolkit. You never know what to expect with each new semester of afterschool.

Who is at my school?

Each Wingspan Arts afterschool program has a Site Director, who is on-site at your child’s school every day from school dismissal until 6pm, Monday-Friday. They are your Wingspan points of contact, and can be reached via email and mobile phone when programs are in session.

Each Wingspan Arts class is led by one of our amazing Teaching Artists, who are working professional artists and educators.

Every program also has Site Assistants and Assistant Teaching Artists, who help supervise the guided play and structured activities before and after enrichment classes, and provide support during classes, too!

What does a typical day look like?

Wingspan starts the moment your child is dismissed from school, and runs until 6pm.

Your child is either picked up by Wingspan staff, or dropped off by their classroom teacher at a general meeting area right when the school day ends. During these transition times, students have access to games, art supplies and outdoor areas when the weather cooperates. We also have a space set aside for students to work on homework during this time.

3:30 – 5:00PM: CLUB TIME (times may shift depending on school)
During this time, your child attends their arts-enrichment class. These 90-minute classes are taught by Wingspan Teaching Artists. All Wingspan TAs are professional artists in their field.

5:00 – 6:00PM: AFTERCLUB & PICK-UP
You can pick up your child anytime between 5 and 6pm. During this time, we also have art supplies, games and play equipment for supervised free time. Please note: ALL students MUST be picked up by 6pm. Pickups after 6pm will result in late fees.

Does Wingspan provide a snack?

Yes! Wingspan provides your child with a daily snack. We offer a variety of snacks each day, however you are welcome to pack an additional snack for your child.

What are the classes like?

Wingspan offers classes across the artistic spectrum: music, dance, drama and visual arts. We also run classes in sports, culinary arts and hands-on science, occasionally, in partnership with other organizations. Each 90-minute class includes several different activities to keep your child engaged, entertained and educated! For our class selection, please see your school’s class schedule.

Each Wingspan Arts class is working toward a final presentation, performance or gallery—some presentation of the skills they have been acquiring and mastering throughout the semester. Wingspan hosts a culminating community event at the end of each semester to showcase the talents and hard work of the students at your school!

Is there homework help?

While our site staff is more than happy to answer homework questions, Wingspan is not an academic program. We do not offer tutoring or homework instruction. Students often elect to do their homework during the unstructured period before and after class.

Are there programs on half-days or school breaks?

Wingspan does offer programming on NYC half-days, which is a separate registration. Some half-day programs include field trips to museums, theatre performances, zoos, or parks.

Wingspan does not have programs during school breaks.

Contact Us

If you still have questions, or you wish to learn more about having Club Wingspan at your school, please use the contact form below.

Please note: Wingspan Arts is not pursuing new afterschool partnerships during the 2018-2019 school year.

The talented and dedicated Wingspan staff has provided [our child] with a warm, creative nurturing environment. Your teachers are outstanding! My son really looks forward to the days when he has “afterschool”.


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