Financial Aid

Financial Aid Eligibility Guidelines & Process

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Wingspan Arts has a long tradition of providing need-based financial aid to our incredible afterschool communities. We do our best to ensure that every child has access to our programs, regardless of their inability to pay the full tuition. Wingspan Arts is still recovering from the economic impact of the pandemic, therefore we are unable to provide the level of financial aid we have been able to offer in the past. 

Our guidelines determine financial need based on household size and collective household income. This helps to ensure that all candidates are initially evaluated equally. We also know that no family is the same, so we will continue to evaluate each application for unique situations, which may result in additional aid.


Step 1 – Complete the Application

We encourage you to have the following things ready before you begin, as the application cannot be saved if you need to leave and return later:

  • Days of the week you plan to enroll your student and your class preferences
  • The number of people in your household and your household’s total annual gross income
  • A short statement about why you are seeking a scholarship
  • Your required supporting financial documents (which may be submitted as .pdf, .doc or .docx, .jpg or .gif)
  • Required Supporting Financial Documents:
    • Primary Parent/Guardian’s Two Most Recent Pay Stubs
    • Secondary Parent/Guardian’s Two Most Recent Pay Stubs
    • Most Recent Tax Return (Multiple if Filed Separately)
    • DOE Free/Reduced Lunch Letter (if available)

Please note that we are not accepting new students for financial aid for the 2022-23 school year programs. 


Step 2 – Enroll Your Student & Create An Online Account


Families Able to Enroll with a Deposit

We prefer that applicants enroll in classes through our online registration system. Students who enroll before the semester begins are able to start attending right away. Students who enroll after the semester begins must wait until their online enrollment has been fully processed by the office and they receive a notification email that they may begin attending classes.

Any additional tuition owed after your financial aid is determined may be paid in installments over the semester.

Families Unable to Enroll

All families must have an online account with our registration system. If you do not already have an account, you will create one when you register for your first class.

If you are unable to enroll through our online system, your student will not be able to attend the program until we have processed your scholarship application. Once it’s been processed, you will receive an email confirming your student’s class schedule and the day your student may begin attending classes.

We encourage families to try to enroll in at least one class online. This will put your student in our system, allow you to sign our waivers, and reserve at least one spot while we review your scholarship request. This expedites the process for enrollment in other classes as well, as we will have all of your information already entered online for the semester.


Step 3 – Review The Scholarship Award Email

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email with your scholarship award and your balance due after any deposit you made during enrollment. Your balance will be automatically broken into three payments, to be paid in installments over the semester. We ask that families who can pay their balance in full contact us to arrange payment. If our standard installment schedule won’t work for you, please contact us to arrange a schedule that will work for your family.



Sometimes a scholarship award is not enough to fully assist a family. In these cases, please contact us at to reassess your application. We have a limited financial aid pool from which to draw funds, but we will allocate additional aid if we are able to do so.